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North Ayrshire Vandalism Plummets 56% under SNP Government

Recorded crime figures show that vandalism across North Ayrshire has fallen by a massive 56% since the SNP came to power in 2007, proving that the SNP’s approach to crime and justice in the community is working.

In 2007/08, there were 253 instances of vandalism per 10,000 people in North Ayrshire whereas it is now 111 in every 10,000.

Kenneth Gibson commented:

“People across North Ayrshire will have noticed that their areas have become safer over the last 11 years. The sharp decrease in crime has been mirrored by a steep decline in vandalism, which again confirms the effectiveness of the SNP Government’s approach. Thanks to the hard work of police in our communities, people across North Ayrshire can enjoy living here more safely, with less fear of damage to property.

“The SNP made justice one of its top priorities on coming to power in 2007 – putting more police on the streets and taking decisive action tackling knife crime and reducing reoffending, which is why crime in Scotland is now at its lowest level in over 40 years.

“Even UK Tory Justice Minister Rory Stewart is finally starting to realise they have ‘a lot to learn from Scotland’ and I hope people across other parts of the UK can now start to benefit from our highly effective approach to tackling crime.”


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