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Number of North Ayrshire Businesses at Record High

The number of businesses in North Ayrrhire is at the highest level since records began.

Official figures show that as of March 2017, there are 3,585 enterprises based in North Ayrshire compared to 3,235 in 2010; an increase of 10.8%.

There has also been an increase in employees in businesses across North Ayrshire of 4.5% over the past seven years.

Across Scotland the number of businesses is at its highest level in the 17 years since the figures were first recorded.

SNP Government Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, commented:

“These figures show Scotland’s business scene is thriving, and the rise has been driven in particular by the success of our small business start-ups. It is very encouraging to see the growth in the number of VAT registered businesses too.

“We’re committed to helping businesses to start-up and grow, and our Small Business Bonus Scheme is benefitting the occupiers of more than 100,000 properties this year by either eliminating or substantially reducing their business rates bill. The scheme has been significantly expanded this year, with half of all rateable properties across Scotland now paying no rates.”

Kenneth Gibson added:

“I am pleased to see such a significant increase in businesses across North Ayrshire over recent years and believe that the expansion of the Small Business Bonus Scheme will only serve to encourage more people to start up and continue their own business.

“However, to grow Ayrshire needs an Ayrshire Growth Deal. While the SNP Government and three Ayrshire local authorities long ago pledged their support, the UK Government continues to drag its heels. Meanwhile, much wealthier areas of the country such as Edinburgh and Aberdeen have received their deals, along with most of Scotland.

“I continue to work together with my SNP colleagues to convince the UK Tory Government that, particularly against the backdrop of its continued cuts to Scotland’s block grant, the Ayrshire Growth Deal is a necessary and worthy investment to help businesses and employment across Ayrshire to thrive.”

The full report can be found here:



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