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Only the SNP Has the Courage to Present a Budget

This afternoon, the Scottish Parliament today agreed its Budget for 2024-25.

Predictably, despite moaning and groaning about the SNP Government’s spending and investment choices, opposition parties put forward not a single costed alternative.

Today, Labour and their ‘Better Together’ Tory pals voted against a 6.7% increase in the Scottish Child Payment, and an above-inflation rise for the NHS, Police and Fire Service.

Labour - which now backs lifting the cap on bankers' bonuses - voted with the Tories against a council tax for everyone, whilst opposing an income tax increase for the best-paid 5% of earners.

It’s now the party of Brexit, the House of Lords, Tuition Fees and nuclear weapons.

The opposition hasn’t any convictions to have the courage of.

Watch by clicking on the graphic.


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