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Scotland Deserves Better - UK's Dire Economic situation Revealed

Published yesterday, a report from the Money and Pensions Service emphasised the risk that over 14 million people - one in four- could fall into debt this Christmas.As of September 2023, the UK National Debt now stands at £65,724 per household, a £481 increase this year. This follows a Resolution Foundation and London School of Economics report highlighting the need for an urgent rethink of Westminster's economic strategy.

The analysis indicates that British workers are missing out on over £10,000 annually, causing UK living standards to lag behind those of other G7 nations, Australia, and the Netherlands.The SNP Government is ensuring money stays in people's pockets by freezing council tax, and through the Scottish Child Payment and Best Start grants. This is in addition to protecting Scottish households from Westminster's bedroom tax and housing benefit cap - two things we shouldn't have to do.

The report can be read here:





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