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Scotland Provides Best Quality of Life in UK

People in Scotland have the best quality of life in the UK, according to the European Union Regional Social Progress Index, with Scotland outperforming the rest of the UK on education, environmental quality, personal freedoms and social tolerance. The European Union Regional Social Progress Index offers a detailed picture of where 272 regions and nations across the EU stand on social progress through an assessment of key factors such as health, safety, access to education and personal rights. Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said: “Scotland has made considerable progress across a range of measure in recent years that have improved the quality of life for people living here. “Since the SNP came into office in 2007 people are living longer, relative poverty has fallen, the gender pay gap has decreased, crime has fallen to a 42 year low and young people are more likely to be in education, training or work. “The SNP Government is committed to building on this progress, with improving Scotland’s schools, reducing inequality and sustainable economic growth our priorities.

“Too many of our people still live in poverty and fail to reach their full potential in life and so we must continue striving to make Scotland a better country for everyone who lives here.” Scotland enjoys ‘highest quality of life in the UK’:


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