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Scotland’s Economy and Labour Market Remain Strong

The latest labour market statistics released by the Office for National Statistics for March to May 2018 revealed that, with another rise in employment rate and fall in inactivity rate, Scotland’s economy and jobs market remain strong.

Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills Jamie Hepburn MSP commented:

“Our employment rate has increased over the quarter and the year to 75.5% with 2,646,000 people now in work in Scotland – 82,000 more than the pre-recession peak. Once more, we continue to outperform the UK on employment for young people and women.

“56.3% of Scotland’s young people are in employment compared with 53.6% across the UK and 72.1 % of women in Scotland are in employment compared with 71.3% across the UK.

"We are committed to growing Scotland’s already strong economy with our investment per head on economic development dwarfing that of the UK Government.

“We are investing a record £2,400 million in enterprise and skills, £4,000 million in infrastructure and £600 million in broadband and delivering the most competitive package of rates relief in the UK, including the Small Business Bonus, which to date has saved Scottish firms almost £1,500 million.

“Brexit remains the biggest threat facing the Scottish economy, with our analysis, confirmed by the UK Government’s own research, showing that Brexit could cost Scotland’s economy £12,700 million a year by 2030. We continue to urge the UK Government to commit to remaining in EU single market and customs union to protect jobs and investment in Scotland."



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