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Scotland’s Tech Ecosystem is “Second-to-None”

The winner of the Ecosystem prize at the Scottish Tech Startup Awards has declared that Scotland has the best programmes in the world to support the growth of early stage technology companies.

Alisdair Gunn, who founded his business Framewire in 2016, provides advice on technology and visual service development to early-stage firms, market listed companies and government agencies.

Last week he was one of the winners in the inaugural Scottish Tech Startup Awards, winning the Ecosystem award at the event in Edinburgh which aims to highlight Scotland’s budding sustainable technology companies.

On winning the award, Mr Gunn said:

“It recognises the people who are behind developing Scotland’s technology sector, helping to elevate it to an international level. For my business, it’s recognition of the expertise that we can offer to growing organisations.”

“I look at tech sectors in other countries and I believe Scotland has the best support programmes in place to help the growth of early stage companies. When you collectively bring together the ecosystem which involves innovation centres, grant structures, events, conferences and education it’s probably one of the best connected and collaborative ecosystems there is.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“I am pleased that the SNP Government has developed a supportive environment for tech companies to grow and scale-up their businesses, largely thanks to a growing number of schemes and awards in Scotland for tech start-ups such as the £2 million Digital Development Loan launched by the SNP Government earlier this year.

“Our focus now should be on upskilling teams to cope with new technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, deep science, quantum technology and robotics. In doing so, we can ensure that Scotland remains an attractive environment for tech companies to start up and thrive.”



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