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Small Things Matter

In the Times on Tuesday, Alex Massie wrote:

“The small things matter.

“In the 2007 election the SNP’s Kenny Gibson defeated Labour’s Allan Wilson by 48 votes in Cunninghame North and nothing in Scottish politics would be the same again. If Mr Wilson had won 25 of these votes, Labour not the SNP would have been the largest party at Holyrood and, quite plausibly, in a position to run a minority coalition government.

“In such circumstances the SNP might still have won the 2011 election but not, most probably, with an overall majority. This would have meant no independence referendum, no SNP landslide at Westminster last year and a different Scottish political climate.”

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson added:

“The old adage that ‘every vote counts', was never more obvious than in that 2007 election. Our victory in Cunninghame North gave us 47 seats to Labour’s 46 and as Alex Massie said, changed Scottish Politics.

“Reflecting on that election and the nine years since, I want to thank every SNP activist, member and voter in Cunninghame North who not only helped deliver that result but the two thumping majorities in 2011 and earlier this month. We will never rest on our laurels locally, or nationally and continue to work hard for our constituency, its people and communities.”


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