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SNP Government Rates Relief Supports North Ayrshire Businesses

The SNP Government has introduced a wide-ranging relief scheme that will offer strong support to businesses across North Ayrshire.

Overall, the complete package of relief will ensure that at least 72% of North Ayrshire’s 5,009 businesses will see either no change or a decrease in their business rates bill. The SNP Government had already acted to reduce the rates poundage to help businesses who have seen a revaluation. In fact, this is a minimum figure. It is known to be an underestimate because it does not take account of all the support through relief schemes provided by the SNP Government such as Rural Rates Relief.

The relief proposals provide additional support for hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes which had seen the highest rates rise following revaluation. Any rises in this sector will be capped at 12.5% - providing substantial support to the tourism and hospitality industries.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“This proves once again the SNP’s commitment to local businesses, with a substantial package of support of over £660 million across Scotland - £199.6 million more than last year - ensuring that more than two thirds of North Ayrshire businesses will either see no increase or a cut in rates paid.

“The additional support for the tourism and hospitality sectors is very welcome after these industries were left facing substantial hikes in their rates bills.

“The extension of rates relief to more small businesses, by ensuring that the rateable value at which rates are paid is increased from £10,000 to £15,000 will see over 100,000 firms across Scotland pay no rates whatsoever and comes in addition to action taken to reduce the rates poundage by 3.7% and an increase in the threshold for paying the large business supplement from £35,000 to £51,000.”

Labour, Lib Dem and Tory MSPs submitted no alternative proposals and simply voted against the SNP’s.



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