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SNP Government to Establish Energy Company

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP has announced plans to set up a publicly-owned, not-for-profit energy company.

The First Minister told the SNP conference that the "simple" idea would see the company sell energy to customers at "as close to cost price as possible."

It would be set up by 2021 and give people, particularly on low incomes, more choice of which supplier to use, adding that more details would be revealed in the SNP Government's forthcoming energy strategy.

Ms Sturgeon said:

"The idea, at its heart, is simple. Energy would be bought wholesale or generated here in Scotland - renewable, of course - and sold to customers as close to cost price as possible.

"No shareholders to worry about. No corporate bonuses to consider.

"It would give people, particularly those on low incomes, more choice and the option of a supplier whose only job is to secure the lowest price for consumers."

The First Minister also announced action to protect the environment, revealing the first "Low Emission Zone" to be set up by the Scottish Government will be in Glasgow.

Regarding the global threat from climate change, she said:

"Every industrialised country, large and small, must play its part to meet our collective duty to safeguard the environment."

Please click here to watch the First Minister's announcement.



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