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SNP Government to Set Up National Council of Rural Advisers

The SNP Government is setting up a National Council of Rural Advisers, which will advise Ministers on:

“The potential implications of Scotland leaving the European Union, making recommendations on future policy and support, with the aim of ensuring a vibrant, sustainable and productive rural economy”.

Its remit will also include advising on:

“Appropriate financial support beyond 2022”.

Professor Lorne Crerar, founder of Harper Macleod LLP and former Deputy Chair of Scottish Enterprise, will co-chair the new National Council alongside former National Farmers Union Commercial and Operations Director Alison Milne.

Professor Crerar currently chairs Highlands and Islands Enterprise and is Emeritus Professor of Banking Law at Glasgow University.

Milne, who also runs a family farm is a self-employed consultant representing the Scottish Tenant Farmers Association on matters relating to agricultural policy.

Kenneth Gibson said:

“The SNP Government wants to drive the rural economy forward and is establishing a National Council bringing together key experts, to look at the future of the sector and provide recommendations early next year.

"While it will be for the National Council to set up working groups as necessary to focus on specific issues, themes such as affordability, sustainability, productivity, inclusion and innovation and of course the wider implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU are likely to feature prominently.

"I am confident the National Council will help to set a strategic framework for future policy development and assist in delivering our shared goal of creating a sustainable rural economy.”



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