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SNP Scottish Government sets £100 Minimum School Clothing Grant

The SNP Scottish Government has increased the school clothing grant to a minimum of £100 in all local authorities, starting in time for the 2018-19 academic year. Around 120,000 children are expected to benefit, including more than 3,500 across North Ayrshire, with eligibility decided at a local level.

The school clothing grant in North Ayrshire is currently only £40, having previously been cut from £50 by the Labour administration.

Annual costs for the change will be about £12 million which will be split between the Scottish Government and individual councils.

Ministers will review the amount every two years to ensure it remains in line with the cost of living.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“I warmly welcome this decision and thank NAC’s SNP Group and SNP councillors across Scotland who took this matter to Scottish Ministers to secure this positive announcement.

“This both ends the postcode lottery in the amount awarded in school clothing grants and helps 120,000 of Scotland’s most disadvantaged children."



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