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Starmer Wrong to Reject EU Free Movement for Young People

Kenneth Gibson MSP said that:

"Sir Keir Starmer is simply wrong to rule out a European Union (EU) freedom of movement deal for young people," after the Labour Party rejected an EU Commission proposal to allow 18-to 30-year-olds to work, travel and study in the EU, ruling out any meaningful change to Brexit stating:

“We have no plans for a youth mobility scheme.... Labour seeks to improve the UK’s working relationship with the EU within our red lines - no return to the single market, customs union, or free movement.”

Kenneth added:

"The SNP is now the only party offering people in Scotland a route back to the EU, single market and freedom of movement.

“To regain the huge benefits of being in the EU Scotland must re-join as an independent country.

"Brexit has been a disaster - hammering the economy, increasing the cost of living, harming the NHS, and robbing people in Scotland of the right to live, work and study across the EU.

“It’s madness that Labour and the Lib Dems are wedded to a Tory Brexit, offering no change.

"It also shows why voting SNP at the general election is essential.

“Only SNP MPs will stand up for Scotland and campaign to take Scotland back into the EU as an independent country."



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