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Sturgeon: "Don't Let Tories Drag Scotland Backwards"

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that Scotland needs strong SNP MPs at Westminster to keep a check on the UK Tory Government.

The SNP leader highlighted the stark contrast between the SNP’s record of standing up for Scotland against Tory attempts to drag Scotland backwards with their damaging policies.

Electing SNP MPs who can work to strengthen the Scottish Parliament and put Scotland’s priorities front and centre is the best way to keep moving Scotland forward.

The First Minister set out some key examples where the SNP is delivering positive change while the Tories connive to put Scotland into reverse:

· The SNP is building at least 50,000 new houses while the Tories introduced the Bedroom Tax.

· The SNP is expanding free childcare while the Tories are cutting tax credits from working families and introduced the vile "rape clause."

· The SNP is investing more than ever in Scotland’s NHS and delivering the best emergency care anywhere in the UK while the Tories failed to invest in England's health service.

· The SNP is supporting older people with housing, free personal care and campaigning for fair pensions for the WASPI women while the Tories plan to end the triple lock.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

"In Ayrshire we don’t need to be reminded of what happens when the Tories are in power at Westminster.

“We’ve seen it over generations and now, even with a small majority, Tory cuts are doing real damage to our communities. Every Tory vote risks allowing them to impose deeper cuts, penalise the vulnerable and undermine the Scottish Parliament.

“So in this General Election, we have the chance to say loudly and clearly that Scotland will not let the Tories drag Scotland backwards.

“With Labour in chaos, it is only the SNP that can be a strong voice for Scotland."



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