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Tackling Obesity

Kenneth Gibson MSP has backed community health projects ahead of the SNP Government’s consultation on the diet and obesity strategy.

One example is 'mum and dad’s cooking class' which aims to get parents and children to cook together, increase their confidence and cooking skills, and promote healthy eating on a budget.

Since 2015/16 the SNP Government has invested over £250,000 in Community Food Networks. This support helps deliver dignified services to individuals and communities through activities designed around cooking, growing and food education.

Kenneth Gibson said:

“The SNP Government has worked hard to tackle Scotland’s obesity problem. While we have seen improvements, there is not a quick fix and it’s important to have the right approach. That is why a new Diet and Obesity Strategy will be consulted on this autumn.

“Everyone has an interest in food, and I am delighted that the SNP Government continues to fund community projects to support people in making healthy, affordable choices.”

Co-Director of Pilton Community Health Project, Jen Richards added:

“We can’t do enough to support this community in their endeavours to eat better. We work alongside our community to identify the challenges that exist for people to eat well.

"Our research has shown that community members are frequently going above and beyond in an effort to feed themselves and their families well, in complex circumstances.

"We have the privilege of working alongside passionate and motivated members of our community; some of whom have gone on to have a wider impact on food and health beyond their own families.”

Pilton Community Health Project is the oldest community health project in Scotland, operating in Edinburgh since 1984.



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