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Teenagers and Young Adults with Sarcoma

It’s Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month and Kenneth met with national bone and soft tissue cancer charity Sarcoma UK to discuss their work on behalf of children, teenagers and young adults (CTYA – age 0-24) diagnosed with sarcomas - uncommon cancers that can affect any part of the body. There are many different types of sarcoma However, all subtypes of sarcoma can be grouped into soft tissue sarcomas and bone sarcomas .

In Scotland 32 CYTA’s diagnosed with sarcoma every year, which have a 15% lower survival rate than the average for cancers affecting this age range.

Sarcoma UK welcomed Beth Keller (pictured) to the event, who was 22 when diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Beth only finished treatment under a month ago and bravely spoke to Kenneth of her experiences.

Director of Research, Policy and Support at Sarcoma UK, Dr Sorrel Bickley, said:

“Young people have very different needs to older adults facing this disease and require a special, tailored approach to improving cancer diagnosis, treatment, care and support.

“The far-reaching impact of cancer does not end when treatment ends. Quality of life and learning to live well is vital too. The impact of a cancer diagnosis can continue for many years.

“We must raise awareness of the distinct challenges this age group face and improve outcomes for young people with cancer.

“Sarcoma UK welcomes the support of Kenneth Gibson MSP in boosting awareness and putting sarcoma on Scotland’s agenda.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“More needs to be done to support young people and improve their experience through specialised services and research.

“It’s great to see Sarcoma UK raising awareness about sarcoma and its symptoms, while funding vital research into better treatments and supporting patients and loved ones through the Sarcoma UK Support Line.”

Information on signs and symptoms, support, and how Sarcoma UK is funding vital research and campaigning for better treatments, is available at:


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