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Tories Denounce their own Prime Minister over Brexit Shambles

A Tory MP has branded Theresa May’s Tory Government a “shit show” and said he would not vote for the party if he was not an MP.

The damning verdict was delivered by the former army officer, Johnny Mercer, MP for Plymouth Moor View.

In an interview with House magazine, Mercer said there is “absolutely no chance” he would run for Parliament now and suggested he no longer identified with his party’s values, saying:

“It’s very difficult because in my DNA I’m inherently a team player. But when you go home from here on a Thursday and go for a run across Dartmoor or whatever, and you’re stripped to your core being…you realise it’s a shit show.”

Mr Mercer warned the Prime Minister that it will not just be the people on the extremes who will “kick up a stink” over the state of the party, stating:

“I’m not going to let us go down without a serious shit fight.”

The 37-year-old father of two said that with hindsight his pre-MP self “wouldn’t vote,” adding:

“There’s no doubt about it that my set of values and ethos, I was comfortable that it was aligned with the Conservative Party. I’m not as comfortable that that is the case any more.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“The EU referendum, which Scotland never asked for, was held to settle an internal argument in Tory Party that had been raging on for four decades. Instead, the outcome has only intensified the clash of their massive egos and they are still at each other’s throats. Now we have a Tory MP saying he wouldn’t vote for his own party. So why should anyone else?

“It certainly doesn’t help that Brexit negotiations have been an utter shambles from the beginning.

“Prime Minister Theresa May’s position is so weak that she is having to hold crunch meetings with restive backbenchers this week to try and keep them onside. To understand the lack of respect her own MPs have we only have to open the papers to see them suggest she should “bring her own noose”, is entering a “killing zone” and that “assassination is in the air” – threatening and unacceptable language.

“Worst of all, as always, whatever comes out of this glorified pub-brawl, it’s the people of Scotland who will be affected by a chaotic Tory Party that is unfit to govern.”


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