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Westminster Must Reduce Scotland's Shocking Electricity Grid Charges

Scottish based energy companies are paying the highest charges in Europe to access the National Grid, with charges passed on to customers already facing extortionate gas and electricity bills.

The energy price cap for gas and electricity has just risen by a further 5% - £94 - to £1,928 a year from 01 January.

Grid access charges in Scotland are as high as £7.36 per megawatt hour. In stark contrast, it’s an average of only 49p in England and Wales, while in some European countries, such as Germany, Netherlands and Poland, companies pay nothing.

Unfair grid charges also hold back renewable energy developments.

These high costs have carried over since the last UK Labour Government was in office.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The alleged ‘Union Dividend’ is clearly absent when it comes to energy supply, placing Scotland at a competitive disadvantage compared to the rest of the UK and Europe in attracting green, clean, renewable energy investment and employment.

“Meanwhile, Scottish businesses and consumers have to pay a premium, in addition to living in the coldest nation in the UK, where energy bills are higher simply because of our northern latitude.

“This is yet another example of the UK Government failing to act. There is simply no good reason for Scotland to pay more than the rest of the UK. Westminster should either deliver or devolve energy powers to Holyrood, so we can.

“Scotland has the energy, we just need the power.”



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