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  • Kenneth Gibson MSP


Across North Ayrshire 14,344 households will receive the SNP Government’s new Winter Heating Payment.

The support replaces the Cold Weather Payment of £25 from the UK Government which relied on the temperature dropping below zero for seven consecutive day before payments were triggered.

The SNP Government’s Winter Heating Payment will pay a flat-rate of £50 in February, no matter the temperature, to people on low-incomes who qualify.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The Winter Heating Payment will be the 13th social security benefit set up by the SNP Government and demonstrates what we can do with limited powers to build a fairer, more equal Scotland.

“It is a welcome step that the new payment will move away from the UK system of issuing support when the temperature drops to a certain level. This will provide a reliable payment for households every winter.

“The new payment is another social security payment that is unique to Scotland and builds on support already available through game-changing benefits such as the Scottish Child Payment – the only payment of its kind in the UK.”

To check if you are eligible, please go to:

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