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Further £500,000 Funding for Electric Vehicle Car Clubs

A second round of the Plugged-In Households Grant Fund has now opened, providing an opportunity to procure the services of electric vehicle car clubs.

£500,000 of SNP Government funding is available for social housing providers and third sector organisations to allow tenants, local residents and staff access electric vehicles on demand through car share clubs. The scheme offers viable alternatives to car ownership and affordable access to modern ultra-low emission vehicles.

This second round, the fund is also accepting applications from third sector organisations, so that more communities to take advantage of the funding on offer.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson MSP said:

“There has been an encouraging response from social housing providers to the Plugged-In Households Grant Fund, and so I’m delighted we can respond by providing another £500,000 to expand affordable access to electric vehicles.

“This is an inclusive, innovative and progressive initiative, offering a real alternative to car ownership.

“Ultra-low emission vehicles bring profound advantages in responding to the climate emergency and improving air quality. However, the solution cannot simply be more cars with zero emissions.

"We are also providing funding to social housing providers for improved walking and cycling facilities so people can make easier active travel choices and help bring about the revolution in sustainable transport that we hope to see across the country.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“I am pleased that following the initial £700,000 SNP Government investment through Transport Scotland last October, even more people now have the opportunity to use ultra-low emission vehicles through a further £500,000 investment.”

Ellie Grebenik, Senior Programme Manager at Energy Saving Trust, said:

“Round two of Plugged-In Households grant funding will open up greater access to electric vehicles (EVs) across numerous Scottish housing association and third sector locations. The funding enables tenants, staff and the wider community to enjoy sustainable transport through local EV car clubs. The adoption of EVs is growing apace, supported by Energy Saving Trust’s interest free loans and robust public charging infrastructure. The switch to ultra-low emission vehicles is essential to the improvement of air quality.”

Delivered and administered through Energy Saving Trust, the fund is open for applications until 23 August to apply.

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