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Help For Families During the Holidays

The Extra Time Programme is a partnership between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Football Association.

Its goal is to help local football clubs and trusts offer activities before and after school, as well as during holidays, for kids in primary school from families with low incomes.

Last year, the First Minister launched the programme with a £2 million investment from the Scottish Government. This money will support about 2,700 children every week.

The project aims to:

1. Make sure all children, regardless of their family's income, can take part in activities during the school day.

2. Help families facing financial challenges by making it easier for them to access childcare. This can help parents work more hours, pursue education, or training opportunities.

3. Provide children and families with enriching experiences to improve their lives.

4. Support family health and well-being by offering integrated childcare, meals, activities, and breaks for parents and caregivers.

This initiative builds on the Scottish Football Association's core mission of promoting and developing football in Scotland. Clubs, from grassroots to professional levels, can apply for funding of up to £30,000 to take part in the programme.

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