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Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loan

The SNP Government's Resource Efficient Scotland Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loans Scheme provides businesses with an opportunity to access financial support to help cut operating costs and increase competitiveness.

The scheme can help fund installation of a range of carbon reducing measures, such as:

• Upgrading to energy efficient lighting • Installing a biomass boiler or other renewable technologies such as solar PV to generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight.

• Improving heating by upgrading heating systems or introducing better insulation or glazing.

To find out more about eligibility, frequently asked questions and testimonials from other businesses? Visit:

How do you apply for a Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loan?

This can be for a wide range of resource efficiency measures and must be recommended in a qualifying report. The report can be a Green Deal Advice Report (generated from a Green Deal assessment) or a report from Resource Efficient Scotland.

Contact Resource Efficient Scotland to get a free qualifying report and fast track loan application.

Call: 0808 808 2268 Or email:


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