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Scotland welcomes Ukrainian Refugees

A total of 3,747 displaced Ukrainians with a sponsor location in Scotland have arrived since Putin’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine began just over 100 days ago.

There have now been almost 10,901 visas issued with a Scottish sponsor via the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, more than 7,642 of which were supplied through the SNP Government’s Super Sponsor Scheme, and a further 3,259 visas issued for matches with an individual sponsor in Scotland.

The SNP Government, local authorities and the third sector have worked in partnership and at pace to provide a ‘Warm Scots Welcome’ to those displaced by the war in their country, providing a range of support including meals, accommodation, clothing, healthcare, trauma support and translation. Displaced people also have access to free healthcare and social security benefits.

A national matching service has also been established to help identify longer-term accommodation across the country, including the generous offers made by hosts in Scotland as well as from council and housing association properties.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“As a fair global citizen, Scotland continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and it has been great to see households across North Ayrshire and Scotland open up to support and welcome Ukrainian refugees.

“While naturally, many can’t wait to return to Ukraine when it’s safe and rebuild their lives and communities, those who have settled here can be assured they are welcome to stay here and make Scotland their home.

“The real hope of course remains that Vladimir Putin puts an end to this senseless act of aggression and Ukraine can start its recovery – as well as ordinary Russians who didn’t choose to invade yet are suffering the blistering consequences of the inevitable sanctions the world has had to inflict upon their economy.

“I know taking people into your own home is a big commitment that’s not for everyone, but if you are willing and able to open your doors, please have a look at the SNP Government’s Super Sponsor Scheme, and the detailed visa information available.”



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