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SNP Government awards £1.5 million for Regeneration of Millport Town Hall 

The SNP Government has awarded £1.5 million from its Regeneration Capital Grant Fund to the community group “Millport Town Hall,” a registered charity set up by Cumbrae community groups and activists to help bring the town hall back into use. 

With this funding, the town hall will be one of 26 empty buildings across Scotland brought back to life to provide space for community enterprises. 

Local authorities submit bids to the fund and as such, North Ayrshire Council put forward the bid on behalf of Millport Town Hall, supported by Cumbrae’s MSP, Kenneth Gibson.  

Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell MSP said: 

“We have had to lead our lives locally, pulling together more as communities, to see off the many challenges arising from coronavirus. This investment continues our ongoing support for vibrant and accessible town centres and communities.” 

Kenneth welcomed the funding, saying:  

“Thanks to the vision and dedicated work of community activists, Millport Town Hall is now much closer to being regenerated and this funding was will be diligently put to use.

“This innovative project has previously attracted funding from the Scottish Land Fund and the North Ayrshire Ventures Trust and the Community Investment Fund and I believe it will be a huge success.” 

For more information on Millport Town Hall and the project, to donate or to raise funds, visit their website. 


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