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SNP Government's First 100 Days: Leading Scotland out of the Pandemic

The absolute priority of a re-elected SNP Government in the first 100 days will be to reopen our society and economy by:

• Completing the vaccination of all adults.

• Moving to Level 2 on 17 May. This means people will be able to meet in each other’s homes in small numbers; go to the pub and have a drink indoors with friends; visit cinemas, music venues and theatres; and take part in contact sports.

• Moving to Level 1 on Monday 07 June, Level 0 in late June, and something much closer to normality over the course of July.

To prepare for the future, an SNP Government during the first 100 days will:

• Bring people together by establishing a cross party steering group to deliver the strongest possible COVID-19 Recovery.

• Establish a Standing Committee on Pandemics, to include scientists and clinicians to advise on future r

• Set up a COVID-19 Public Inquiry, both to examine the decisions made over the last year and to learn lessons for the future.

• Review the current coronavirus legislation - removing powers which are no longer necessary, whilst ensuring we can manage any upsurge in the virus.

Cunninghame North SNP Candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“The SNP understands that as we recover from this devastating pandemic, we must continue working with experts to harness all the experience and knowledge we have amassed.

“However, this is not all we will focus on. We have plans for the economy, education, communities, health and social care, the climate crisis and as soon as it’s safe, an independence referendum.

“This 100 day plan will only happen with an SNP Government and we need List MSPs to form a majority. So, to secure an SNP Government, make sure it’s #BothVotesSNP next week.”



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