• Kenneth Gibson MSP

Violent Crime Falls in Ayrshire

Recorded crime has continued to fall across Ayrshire in the past year, according to new figures published by Police Scotland.

Between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016, there was an overall 3.7% decrease in crime, equating to 647 fewer reported crimes and an increase in the overall detection rate of 2.1% to 54.0%.

There were 17,038 crimes recorded crimes in Ayrshire during the year with 9,194 crimes detected.

Reductions in crime of violence and dishonesty accounted for a significant part of the fall in recorded with notable falls in housebreaking, motor vehicle crime and fraud.

There has been an increase in reported vandalism and malicious mischief incidents, however, the police’s ability to detect these crimes has also increased.

Kenneth Gibson welcomed the fall in crime:

"Crime across Scotland is at a 41 year low and it's great to see the hard work of Ayrshire's police force being reflected not only in fewer crimes but higher levels of detection.

"Of course, there can be no let up in the push to cut crime and make our communities safer. That is why the SNP Government will invest an additional £100m in policing over the next five years and has provided Chief Constable Phil Gormley with flexibility to use some of the funding to create positions for other investigators, such as forensic accountants or IT experts.”