Question on Pupil Equity Funding and Attainment in North Ayrshire

7 Feb 2019

On Wednesday 06 February, Kenneth asked Education Secretary John Swinney MSP what impact the pupil equity fund has had on attainment in North Ayrshire. He also asked what additional measures will be introduced to further strengthen the autonomy of headteachers.


Mr Swinney confirmed that since 2015/16, North Ayrshire Council has been allocated almost £25.5 million of funding from the Attainment Scotland Fund. That includes more than £16 million through the Challenge Authority Programme and approximately £4.4 million Pupil Equity Funding in each of the past two years.


He furthermore advised that good progress is being made on establishing the approach to delivering the headteachers charter and to empowering individual professionals.


He also paid tribute to the North Ayrshire Professional Learning Academy.


To view Kenneth's full exchange with the Cabinet Secretary, click on the video.



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